Choosing Your Classes

This is a blog that prospective boarders might like to follow. It is written by three students from Thacher in California and chronicles their lives in boarding from a teenage boarding perspective.
This post about making course selections is particularly interesting as it deals with the question of choice and making decisions. Obviously there is some guidance provided by faculty advisors to ensure that students are keeping university options open, but when it comes to choosing optional courses, Morgana is correct in her advice to follow your heart, be aware of overextending yourself (boarding school helps you realize you have to make choices in life), choose elective courses based on your interests and blaze your own trail through a school.

the boarders blog

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Choosing classes can be difficult, and can often be the fuel to our constant stress eating. What classes should I take? Which ones are my friends choosing? What if it’s to hard? Who’s the teacher? Would this make my schedule to hectic?

Whether your in your freshmen year or even junior, planning out your elective classes is never a bad idea. From personal experience, there have been times when I’ve looked at my class selections for the next four years and have just been overwhelmed with the amount of options! There are so many classes I want to take and I always find myself hoping that I’ll have time for them or that they will fit into my already hectic schedule. I myself have just started the process of planning out my elective classes, so I decided it would be an interesting topic to write about. Basically…

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